South African born, Allan has lived and worked in Kununurra since 2000. He took up an engineering role in Western Australia, before quickly deciding on a career change into Aboriginal economic development.


Red Spinifex collaborates with other professionals when needed.

Allan is experienced in the provision of a range of services; however, he is prepared to call on other service providers when necessary. This includes lawyers, accountants or specialists, to meet requirements and achieve the best outcomes for clients.

Having worked with Indigenous people in rural and remote areas of southern Africa for many years, it was a seamless transition to working and establishing relationships with local Aboriginal communities. His skills include:

  • Clear, logical thinking
  • A practical, solution-focused way of working
  • Plain and direct communication
  • Successful interpretation of clients’ requirements
  • Effective negotiation to achieve project outcomes

Allan’s strengths include his relevant experience and his high standard of personal and professional values. Red Spinifex is synonymous with:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Total commitment to all undertakings
  • Reasonable cost
  • Honesty

Being independent, Allan is truly objective and prepared to tell it like it is.

Allan has worked with many Indigenous people for whom English was their second language. He is culturally aware, and uses a range of communication methods, including:

  • Various interactive group techniques
  • Visual aids
  • Role playing
  • Explanations of unfamiliar English words and acronyms
  • Plain English

“One of the biggest compliments is to be confided in regarding cultural matters. Often this can take years as the relationship develops.” Allan Wedderburn


Red Spinifex provides high quality, value-for-money consulting services to a range of clients, including Aboriginal trusts and corporations, companies in the resources sector and private enterprise.

Allan services the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia, and can travel further afield if
required. Services include :


Allan’s strong project management skills have enabled him to make a successful transition from civil engineering to Native Title related projects, including development and implementation of Aboriginal trusts, and operation of Aboriginal organisations.

  • Waardi Limited, Broome

    General Manager | Waardi Limited, Broome May 2013 – Present

    Engaged by Waardi Limited to run Waardi and its entities.
    Achievements include:

    • Successful change management of the organisation following Woodside’s delayed Final Investment Decision (FID) and subsequent withdrawal from the project agreement for the development of James Price Point. This included ensuring the structure of the organiation was appropriate.
    • Implementation of sound processes and procedures
  • Aboriginal organizations and resource companies

    Consulting Project Manager February 2011 – April 2013

    Consultant to a range of Aboriginal organisations and resource companies, predominantly in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions.
    Services provided include:

    • Advisory role to the resource sector for implementation of trustee companies and programs
    • Management of trustee companies during implementation and early stages of operations
    • Development of management tools to manage compliance for various types of entities
    • Working with organisations to improve their policies and procedures
  • Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC), Roebourne

    Acting CEO | Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC), Roebourne June 2010 – January 2011

    Engaged by Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation to run NAC and its existing entities: Mt Welcome pastoral station and Ngarluma Aboriginal Sustainable Housing (NASH) during financial constraints.
    Achievements include:

    • Successful set up, implementation and operation of the Ngarluma Trust and Ngarluma freehold land entities
    • Supervision of the business plan for Mt Welcome
    • Successful project management of, on average, one Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) per month
    • Managing heritage survey consultants and team members
    • Successful recruitment of NAC CEO and other operational staff
    • Implementation of the corporate structure and governance model, with community and board support
    • Successful financial management and implementation of a number of processes to improve accountability and financial liquidity
  • Design and community endorsement of the Ngarluma Trust, Roebourne

    Project Manager | Design and community endorsement of the Ngarluma Trust, Roebourne January 2010 – May 2010

    Engaged by Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation to design the Ngarluma Trust with Jackson McDonald lawyers. The engagement methodology ensured NAC board and community support, and understanding of the key concepts of the trust.

  • Design and community endorsement of Pilbara Trusts, Pilbara

    Project Manager| Design and community endorsement of Pilbara Trusts, Pilbara October 2007 – December 2009

    Engaged by Pilbara Native Title Service to design trusts for 7 Native Title groups negotiating with Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO), with legal provison from Jackson McDonald lawyers.

  • Design and community endorsement of Martu Trust, Western Desert

    Project Manager | Design and community endorsement of Martu Trust, Western Desert February 2009 – August 2009

    Engaged by Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation to design a trust for the Martu people, and project manage the initial implementation phase of the trust.

  • Gelganyem and Kilkayi Trusts, Kununurra

    Project Manager | Gelganyem and Kilkayi Trusts, Kununurra November 2004 – September 2007

    Project manager ensuring the ILUA establishment, implementation and operation of the Gelganyem and Kilkayi Trusts – regarded by Rio Tinto as best practice in Australia.

  • Kimberley Land Council, Kununurra

    Project Manager |Kimberley Land Council, Kununurra May 2003 – October 2004

    Negotiated an ILUA on behalf of the Traditional Owners with Argyle Diamond Mine. As well as the financial benefits negotiated, non-financial benefits included cultural heritage protection, land management and access, employment and training, and business development.

  • Connell Wagner, Kununurra

    Project Manager | Connell Wagner, Kununurra January 2000 – April 2003

    Responsible for the Kununurra office and projects in the Kimberley region, including several remote Aboriginal community projects.

Case study: Neem trees

Allan Wedderburn solves problems. Overcoming problems and issues that seem insurmountable is Allan’s specialty. The key is to break them down into small, practical steps.

Introduced to the Kimberley region in the 1990’s, Neem trees have become an invasive, fast-growing weed – threatening to suffocate the beautiful Boab trees in particular, that are local to the Kimberley.

Allan is tackling the problem head on – one tree at a time. He has created a Facebook page called Neems To Go – Kimberley, to create awareness of the issue, provide practical information and inspire others to take action. He also established ‘De-Neem De-Kimberley D-Day.’

By focusing on clearing small sections, spraying the trees with Gallon and pulling young trees out by the roots, Allan is making a difference in his local environment. He is also bringing the community together, working to solve a common problem.

Part of Red Spinifex’s income is donated to the De-Neem project in the Kimberley and to other charities.